With heart disease being on a rapid rise people need to know how to go about preventing it.  There are several different types of heart disease. Some of these forms of the diseases can be prevented, while others cannot. Some forms of the disease such as heart valve disease can be inherited or acquired through other poor health conditions. This is a brief overview of heart disease risk factors and heart disease prevention for the forms which can be avoided.

Cause and Effect

Heart disease causes for the form of the disease which are preventable are all very similar. Many forms of the disease are the result of heart being damaged by diabetes, excess body fat and a sedentary lifestyle. All individuals need to take steps to watch what they eat. A diet which consists of proper portions of low fat and low sodium foods is the best for preventing this disease. Researchers have also found that there are several foods which can be eaten that boost protection of the heart. People also need to be sure to take in daily exercise in order to keep this disease from developing.

Taking steps to preventing heart disease cannot only help people ward of heart disease, but several other life threatening diseases as well. Taking on the healthy lifestyle which keeps the heart health can also be ideal for preventing diabetes and other conditions. The sooner people being to incorporate these healthy lifestyle changes into their lives the better their chances are for preventing diseases.


There are several heart disease symptoms which can indicate that a person has a form of heart disease. Some of these symptoms can include shortness in breath when doing physical activity or unexplained fatigue. Other symptoms may include irregular heartbeat or pain in the chest area.  Anyone experiencing any of these symptoms should be seen by a medical professional.

Not all forms of heart disease will cause a person to have symptoms until the disease is in a life threatening stage. This is why it is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle and to see a physician for annual checkups.