The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada (HSFC) is a charitable federation of ten foundations registered in the Canadian provinces. Founded in 1952, and funded by donations, the mission of the HSFC is to raise funding for medical research into the causes and treatments of strokes and heart disease, and to educate individuals about brain and heart health and how to prevent and manage these deadly conditions.

To promote this mission, the HSFC provides health information on a range of heart- and stroke-related topics, such as

  • Risk assessment (nine out of 10 Canadians are at risk of having a stroke or heart disease).
  • Knowing the five warning signs of a stroke (weakness, difficulty with speech, visual problems, dizziness, and headaches).
  • Healthy food choices.

The website of the Heart and Stroke Foundation is rich with information about the different types of stroke and heart disease, how to prevent them, tests, treatments, and how to live with these conditions. A stroke or a heart attack can happen to anybody—man, woman, or child. Whether you are a senior or a teenager, this is an extremely useful website to have in your favorites, whether you live in Canada or not.

The HSFC also offers a number of free e-tools to help individuals maintain healthy hearts and brains. These include an online risk assessment, regular emails to support a healthy life, healthy weight and blood pressure action plans, and a 30-day challenge. The 30-day challenge is an iPhone app designed to empower the user with information and support to help reduce the risk of stroke or heart disease and promote heart health.

Since its establishment in 1952, the HSFC has run on donations, and receives no funding from the government. Have you lost a friend or relative to heart disease or stroke? Ask your friends and family to make an online donation to the HSFC in their loved one’s memory. Alternatively, give monthly or just when you feel like it. Find out how your organization can become a corporate partner of the HSFC and show the world how much you value heart health.

In addition to providing a wealth of information and an easy means of supporting the foundation financially, the HSFC website is also your portal for volunteering. Select either the national website or choose your own local province.