Most public buildings now have defibrillators installed in the facility. These are effective devices in reviving someone who has had a heart attack. The defibrillator works by delivering an electric shock to the chest. This electrical stimulation is delivered to trigger the heart into working. The reason for the use of the defibrillator is because all muscles operate by electro-shocks generated within the body’s cells. By delivering a shock externally, it will trigger muscle reactions that can ‘kick-start’ the heart.

Those who have serious heart problems might want to invest in portable defibrillators. These can be kept in the home as well as being brought along on trips. These can be easily stowed in a closet or in the trunk of the car for easy access whenever you need it. They can also be packed in a bag in case you are going on a hiking trip.

One of the major brands which offer these kinds of devices is Philips. Their Heart Start defibrillators are useful in providing a reliable charge when you need it. The AED defibrillator is easy to understand through the easy to follow instructions. You will not need to go through extensive defibrillators training in order to understand what to do. Simply follow the pictures in the case to get started in providing help.

If you feel that you do need to have training, you will be able to get training from the American Red Cross as well as from different heart associations. Some hospitals also offer free defibrillator classes so that the public does not use these devices improperly and cause harm.

Those who have had a heart attack before or are at great risk for an attack may have implantable defibrillators installed. These can be triggered automatically. The great benefit you will receive from these automatic defibrillators is that they allow you to be able to be able to get help even if you are all alone. These are installed by a doctor after a heart attack or in case you are at great risk for a heart attack.