Heart attacks have been on the rise all over the country. There are multiple heart attack causes. The increase in cases of diabetes and obesity are a couple of the causes for the increase in heart attack cases. These are reasons as to why people need to be informed about the symptom, causes, treatment and prevention of heart disease.

Male and Female Hearts

Male heart attack symptoms can differ greatly from female heart attack symptoms. For years the heart attack symptoms which are associated with male heart attack victims were thought to be the only symptoms people needed to be aware of. This changed when more recent research began to be distributed which showed that women experience very different symptoms than men do when experiencing heart failure.

Men generally have the traditional heart attack symptoms such as pain in the left arm and sever chest pain. Women can have an attack and feel only dizziness and shortness of breath in some cases. More research is being done in regards to gender differences and this disease.

Treatment and Prevention

Leaning about the difference between male and female heart attack signs is not the only new information we have learned from recent heart research. Information about more effective heart attack treatment is now being used to treat people who suffer from heart failure to increase their chances of survival. People are now being cooled to low temperatures when they are experiencing a heart episode. Research has found that doing this reduces damage to the heart and increases patient survival rates after an attack.

Proactive heart attack prevention is the best line of defense against this serious health condition. People should visit their physician annually and check with them in regards to what they can be doing to reduce their chances of developing a heart condition which could lead to an attack. People should also incorporate daily exercise and healthy, low fat and low sodium eating to keep their heart healthy. Doing this and taking some if the nutrients and supplements such as Omega 3 to maintain health health are also great ways to prevent damage to the heart.